Contributor Focus: Sean Stevenson

Sean Stevenson Budtender Drawing Image Graphic Design Stash Magazine contributor
We asked Sean Stevenson to contribute a write up on his favourite flower from this past year. To see which one he picked you can read the free digital version of Volume 3. You'll get over 70 pages of high quality reporting, photography and design focused exclusively on the Canadian cannabis industry.

One of the main reasons we asked Sean to write for us is his hilarious, punchy, over-the-top descriptions of Canada's best cannabis flower. He's got a great nose for the best product on the market due to his years of experience in both legacy and legal markets as an educator, budtender and cannasseur. In addition to his wit and knowledge, he's setting a bar for men's fashion that only he can seemingly pull off. Whether it's overalls, a jeansuit, prodigious bucket hats or his enormous fur coat Sean understands the value of perception and expression. Head over to his Instagram account and give him a follow. Your wardrobe and your stash will thank you. Your wallet? Not so much.

We paid Sean to write his piece for us, just like we pay all of our contributors. To keep Sean and other contributors like him paid head over to our shop and see if anything might make a good gift for the budding pothead in your life. We don't advertise for any brands to maintain impartiality and objectivity as best as possible and although we will do our best to stay around: grabbing a copy certainly helps keep us going if only psychologically.

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