Fresh Produce: Editorial for Volume 2 of Stash Magazine - Spring 2021

This story originally appeared in Stash Volume 2. Click here to read the whole thing for free or buy a hard copy.

Stash Magazine Volume 2 Editorial by Will Zorn -

Fresh Produce

It’s been a fucking weird year. With insurrections, Reddit blowing up the stock market and COVID destroying every holiday—including 4/20/20—it’s easy to focus on the bad, the ugly, the things that make us want to stay quarantined. It’s easy to hide inside and turn the six-foot distance between us into an endless void.

But stoners find a way. We’ve been held back by prohibition, reefer madness, markets shifting from black to grey to legal with a sea of ever-changing regulations. This industry is resilient though. It strives forward not with immediate profit in mind but the mentality to better itself in the long run.

Canada is now front and center on the global stage as the first of the G7 countries to federally legalize cannabis. With legalization in the U.S. and Mexico around the bend we’re seeing serious players emerge in Canada who aim to make our market the pinnacle and keep the crown in the Great White North.

Contributors to Stash Magazine Volume 2 Sierra MacCormack Bestworldart Will Zorn Editor Will McEwen Publisher Katie Bisson

We have innovators like Cody Coulson who push forward extracts. The brothers at Fumes Papers are taking back at least three rightful seats at a table POC have been excluded from for far too long. We’ve also seen real strength in partnerships like the one between the Mikmaqi and Atlanticann which place a greater focus on ethics than profit.

To the reader holding this, you’ve made a big difference to us just by picking up this issue. By buying a copy, you put a dollar in the collective cup we shake into the obscure unknown. We won’t pay in ‘exposure’ until it’s accepted for rent, food and utilities. By paying us, you’re paying our contributors.

After reading Volume 2 I push you to take a step further. Go out and make a tiny change. Commit an act of kindness. That small act of openness can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those around you. No matter what stay kind, stay weird and remember small publications like Stash are only here because of—and for—you.

Full Spectrum

Smoking dried flower is the most common way of obtaining the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis. With legalization many innovative products with long histories in the legacy market have begun to enter the recreational space. One of the ways in which these products are described is full spectrum.
In the age of hyper-capitalism, humanity’s disconnect from nature has resulted in something called THC distillate.

It is often presented in a vape cartridge and is almost wholly made up of THCa or THC. This can be a positive experience for casual users but a more natural, enhanced and therapeutic state of mind and body is achieved with full spectrum products. Terpene Wheel Chart by Goldleaf (

The cannabis flower contains more than just THC or CBD. There are a host of naturally occurring unsaturated hydrocarbons known as terpenes which contribute to each cultivar's aroma, flavour and medicinal effects. They’re found in many plants all over the planet. The most common terpene in commercially produced cannabis is myrcene which is also found in mangoes, hops and lemongrass.

The legacy products coming to market provide great alternatives to smoking. Many of them also aim to preserve terpenes along with their THC and CBD, making them truly full spectrum. Our first act in Volume 2 is to take a look at the products, tools and people involved in this new wave of premium smokeless cannabis products


This story originally appeared in Stash Volume 2. Click here to read the whole thing for free or buy a hard copy.

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