Tools of the Trade: Cannabis Accessories Review (RAW Mask, Pip Pipe, Gravitron Bong)

This story originally appeared in Stash Volume 2. Click here to read the whole thing for free or buy a hard copy.

Tools of the Trade: A review of cannabis accessories in Canada

Innovation is sweeping the cannabis industry: multi-million dollar mechanical joint-stuffers, high-end glass, and even machines that make infused oils with the press of a button. I’ve tried and sold a lot of it and at the end of the day most of these “innovations” are only designed to give a serotonin hit on checkout just to sit sadly unused in your stash. After seeing it all here are my top items that, after trying, I couldn't toke without:

RAW Cannabis Accessories Facemask Will Zorn Stash Magazine

RAW Facemask

Being a toker in a world rattled by a respiratory disease is tough: kush coughs can make you the local bus pariah. The RAW Mask has been my solution. Made with beachwood fibers it’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable.
Seriously, I’ve forgotten it’s been on. While not available through Amazon you can get a three pack for a $20 USD direct donation to the Wine to Water Foundation ( With RAW’s signature loud branding across your face people will be able to tell why you’re hacking a lung out.

The Pip Pipe Canadian made cannabis smoking pipe made of clay sustainable materials - Will Zorn Stash Magazine

PiP Pipe

While consuming out and about is fun, rolling isn’t. Fighting the wind, unreliable lighting, a bumpy road and many other elements can leave you with a mangled joint that barely produces a hit. PiP is my solution.

A hand-crafted clay pipe made in the heart of Ottawa’s Glebe, the PiP pipe comes complete with a built in screen to prevent Scooby Snax. While I’m generally a bong smoker I found the PiP gave a wildly smooth hit despite the size of inhales. No more trying to roll a joint: just toss the hash or grass in and light ‘er up. It also includes a paperclip: a fun nod to how most of us have traditionally handled resin. Hopefully only for disposal ;)

Grav Labs gravity bong Cannabis Accessories - Will Zorn Editor of Stash Magazine

GRAV Labs Gravity Bong

Want the highschool-high of a gravity bong without the plastic fumes? GRAV created a glass gravity bong that gives the 2L soda bottle bongs a serious kick-in-the-ass.

Crafted with borosilicate glass and rubber stoppers, its design prevents the majority of accidents that could plague you (such as somebody accidentally bumping your piece causing a glass explosion) while still delivering a powerful hit that would fill the largest lungs.

Raw Roll and Tips Rolling Paper for Weed Cannabis Accessories Will Zorn Stash Magazine

RAW Roll + Tips

I reached out to RAW a while back for products to review and they mailed me a box full of goodies. I don’t think this product has left my pocket since receiving it. The format helps me get my joint prepared quickly between rushes at work.

The three meter roll of RAW paper can be adjusted to any size whether it be for a pre-shift pinner or a post-rush bazooka.

Newport Butane Torch for Dabbing Cannabis - Weed Accessories review by Will Zorn Editor of Stash Magazine -

Newport Butane Torch

When I was assembling a dab rig I had no idea what I was doing. Rather than admit this I simply bought every recommendation.

When it came to a torch the person helping me placed a red Newport on the counter and told me “this is the Cadillac of torches." Sold. I know little about cars and less about torches. What I do know is this handy torch has lasted me years with little issues. Whether for a dab or bowl, I love my torch

This story originally appeared in Stash Volume 2. Click here to read the whole thing for free or buy a hard copy.

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